Pre-Twinkle Camp Detailed Information

Pre-Twinkle Camp

PMA is dedicated to the ideals and teaching methods of Dr. Shinichi Suzuki of Japan, a world-renowned music educator.  Dr. Suzuki believed that every child can learn to play music at a high level using the same methods of instruction through which they learn to speak: imitation, repetition, parental support and involvement in a rich, creative environment.

If you’ve been thinking about adding music to your child’s education, our mini camp will help both of you get a good foundation in the Suzuki method of music education.  This camp was specifically designed for parents and children to do together and is a perfect way for 4 – 8 year olds to begin music lessons and to choose an instrument.

The camp is open to any child age 4 – 8.  A parent must accompany each child and needs to stay for the entire time span.  Students may learn about the following instruments: piano, violin, viola, cello, flute or guitar.  

When you come to camp, you and your child will see the instruments, learn proper posture, and the beginning steps of instrument instruction.  Current students will perform for camp attendees and will answer questions about the benefits of music study.  Parents will learn the philosophy behind the Suzuki method and some techniques for working successfully with young students.

CDC guidelines will be followed including mask wearing and physical distancing.  You can read more about our policies here.  


Future Dates announced soon!  Please check back…

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