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The Pittsburgh Music Academy
Why choose PMA?

The cornerstone of our school is the conviction that every child can,with careful teaching and parental support, become a successful musician able to make music a part of his or her life. We believe music study will enrich their lives through appreciation of beauty, development of disciplined work habits, and increased self-esteem.

Our parents say it best
Weekly News





Weekly News at PMA:  

June 19, 2017     Summer 2017

Week 1



It's never too late to add summer lessons!


Did you see the summer calendar?

1.  Schedule your lessons with your teacher.

2.  Count the total number.

3.  Go here to register:  https://www.classjuggler.com/cj/priv/cssc/auth/cssc_signin.php?cssc_id=2400

4.  Questions?  Call 412-344-1114 or email pma1996@aol.com

5.  Just remember, only schedule what you know you can take...there are NO MAKEUPS for summer lessons.






Thank you to these performers and teachers from Tuesday, June 13!  They came to share music while Unity Food Pantry volunteers prepared food for that day's clients and presented a check for the coins raised thus far from our Spring Semester Practice Project.  

Another $50 or so has been turned in, so a second check will be presented to the food pantry soon!  Thank you to everyone that participated.  Your impact will be far reaching!




Summer Concert Opportunities start NOW!

click here to see poster

July 22, Saturday Light Brigade

July 30, Children's Museum

August 20, Friendship Village

Hope your calendar has room for all this music making!  Sign up links can be found on our website:  http://www.pghma.com



Join us for a Play-In!


This week:

June 19, 2017

Cello from 5:45-6:30pm in room 4 with Nicole at PMA EAST

Guitar from 5:45-6:30 in gym with Jeremy at PMA EAST

Viola from 6:30-7:00 in room 101 at GREEN TREE

June 20, 2017

Guitar from 6:00-6:45 in room 203 with Jeremy at GREEN TREE

June 24, 2017

Piano from 2:00-3:00 in the Sanctuary with Amaury at PMA EAST


What is a Play-In?  It is a time for students to get together and have as much fun as possible with their instruments!  Your student will play a TON of music, maybe try new things or new games and generally have a wonderful and motivating time.




PMA Profile Personalities:  another new initiative.

It's time to showcase the talented people that work and study here.  

Our first PMA Profile Personality is 

Bernice Carson.
 She received her MTS (Master of Theological Studies Dipoloma on May 19, 2017, from the Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary. 

Gina Glenn, her piano teacher at PMA, had this to say about her: She really is an incredible woman. She is a baptist minister, teaches a bible study class, AND takes piano lessons.  She is an inspiration to all in my opinion.  Being a septuagenarian puts the icing on the cake!

Congratulations Bernice!  We are proud to have you as a student at PMA!



Is all of this just to much to enter into your calendar?  Subscribe to ours!  Click here and select the +Google Calendar button or individual  events you want to add to your calendar.






Click the brochure above to sign up!


Other upcoming events at Unity and beyond:
**Cello Fury has 4 weeks of camp, 2 in Greentree and 2 at East.  Visit their website for details:  https://www.cellofury.com/camps-and-outreach
**Greater Pittsburgh Suzuki Institute.  Visit their website at https://www.pittsburghsuzukiinstitute.org/

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