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The Pittsburgh Music Academy

Our parents say it best
Practice Challenges


Use this as a worksheet to help you track your progress for the 30 Day Practice Club!  Every day you practice, color in a face. If you are on track to finish, you can come to participate in a Trunk Or Treat event at Unity on Sunday, September 28 from 1:00-3:00 pm. Click here to find your printable.

You will determine what constitutes a practice with consent of the entire triangle: teacher, parent, and child.  Double practices are allowed for a missed day. There are 31 days in October, so 1 miss is allowed.

Upcoming Events
Wednesday, October 24 through Wednesday, November 28 - Music Mind Games
Why choose PMA?

The cornerstone of our school is the conviction that every child can,with careful teaching and parental support, become a successful musician able to make music a part of his or her life. We believe music study will enrich their lives through appreciation of beauty, development of disciplined work habits, and increased self-esteem.