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The Pittsburgh Music Academy

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Our parents say it best
Getting Started

There are many ways for us to get to know one another before signing up for lessons. We look forward to meeting you at one or all of the following:

Pre-Twinkle Camp: Our introductory Pre-Twinkle Camp is designed for the newcomer to the Suzuki Philosophy, the Pittsburgh Music Academy, or both. Your child will “test drive” several different instruments, play musical games, and make friends while you learn about the philosophy of Dr. Suzuki and our program. You will meet some of our faculty and get a tour of our school. We hold several Pre-Twinkle Camps each year, usually on a Saturday. Click here for more information.


Upcoming camps scheduled for January 4, 2020 and May 2, 2020.  Sign up today by clicking the RED button on the left of this page.


Observe a Lesson: We encourage you to come and observe a private lesson and/or a group lesson. You’ll be able to experience first-hand the quality and general structure of lessons, speak to PMA teachers, students and parents. To schedule an observation, please call us at 412-344-1114 or email us.

Take a Trial Lesson: For students who have studied at another school, you may choose to take one 30-minute lesson, for a fee, with a PMA teacher.

Attend a Recital: We hold recitals often, up to 30 throughout the year. We invite you to join us at one of these performances to see our students at their best! Some are solo recitals, others are group recitals; some are casual, others are formal. Please contact the office to find a recital that fits into your schedule: 412-344-1114.

Upcoming Events
Saturday, February 8 through Sunday, February 9 - Collaborative Piano and Concerto Workshops
Monday, August 3 through Friday, August 7 - Chamber Music Intensive Camp
Why choose PMA?

The cornerstone of our school is the conviction that every child can,with careful teaching and parental support, become a successful musician able to make music a part of his or her life. We believe music study will enrich their lives through appreciation of beauty, development of disciplined work habits, and increased self-esteem.